Zion Lutheran School

Volunteer opportunities

We couldn't do it without you. Zion is a community of people just like you. Volunteering is a great way to get connected with other families, discover friendships, and work together for Zion.

PTL Activities

PTL (Parent Teacher League) is a great way to get involved at Zion on a consistent basis.
Contact Autum Robison for more information.

PTL Calendar of Events-TBA

All-School Fundraisers

Family Fun Fest
  - A great, family friendly event. Activities include a
  BBQ, homemade pie fundraiser auction, games,
  and more!
  - contact Karen Burgrabe

Pancake and Sausage
  - One of Zion's biggest fundraisers and a well-known
  annual event in the Lincoln community. Homemade
  sausage and all-you-can-eat pancakes, yum!
  - contact Autum Robison

Vines and Vendors
  - A great way to support Zion and local businesses.
  Plants and a wide range of merchandise for sale.
  - contact Karen Burgrabe